Speaking Engagements and Keeping Busy

September 26, 2006

I spoke at ASU to a class of graduating seniors about how the legal system fails the victim. It was really well received and was a success on both ends. I will be the featured speaker at Pina Cty and that will be attended by a camera crew from N.Y.

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Personal Appearances and a Screenplay

February 03, 2006

It has been awhile since I updated everyone on what's been happening. During D.V. month I did some personal appearances speaking about the devastation of D.V. on my life and the lives of my children. It was very rewarding.

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Sexual Assault and Stalking Conference

January 01, 2006

This paper, written by myself and feminist community activist and educator
Mandy Bonisteel can be downloaded from the Canadian Council on Social
Development website of the 12th Canadian Social Welfare Policy Conference,
Forging Social Futures.

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Disability Online Discussion List

December 30, 2005

The Empire Justice Center, together with the Western New York Law Center, the New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and the Center for Disability Rights is pleased to announce the creation of a new, collaborative discussion list for New York State based service providers assisting domestic violence survivors with disabilities or who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

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Time is Running Out

October 20, 2005

Every day more than 9,000 children will witness their mothers being abused. How long will they have to wait for Congress to pass laws to protect them?

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The Violence Against Women Act

September 07, 2005

Senator Kyl is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. This committee is contemplating not moving VAWA forward. We must inundate his office with calls to move VAWA forward. We must protect women and children from the ravages of domestic violence and sexual assault.

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July News from Heather

July 06, 2005

July was a busy month for me. All three of my children went back to school the week of August 8 so just getting them ready for it kept me busy. I also was interviewed by PBS. They are doing a radio show about domestic violence followed up by a prime time show on TV. They want me to participate in both venues which I am happy to do.

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Protecting Children from DV: Strategies for Community Intervention

June 06, 2005

I have not yet received this book, however it appears to have a comprehensive, collaborative community approach to the issue of the impact of DV on children. I hope it proves to be of help to many of you. Please see reviews below from -Liz Kinsworthy"

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News from Heather

May 20, 2005

On March 13, 2005 John Grossman died of a massive heart attack. Joe, my 13 year old, remarked that John had pretty much ruined half his life since Joe was six when I was shot. All three of the children are coming forth about the abuse they suffered and were too afraid to talk about before. As reported in an article, “abuse does shape your life; it does affect your present; because it is you”.

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Camp Sheila Wellstone

April 17, 2005

Here is some information on a great conference in our area. Check out their website below to discover more about the organization. They are rallying people to join the stopping Violence Against Women cause and make sure that the VAWA Act is passed in September.

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Center for Research on Women with Disabilities

April 09, 2005

"A hearty thanks to all of you waiting so patiently for the latest news from our Center for Research on Women with Disabilities. I'd like to invite you to visit our newly redesigned, updated and expanded web site,

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A SHARE Survivor Story and Other Updates

March 19, 2005

"We have good news to share! One of our SHARE survivors has finally received some justice on her case. This litigation process has taken over a year to gather and complete. Although the damages her ex has to pay will never replace the life of her mother that he took, nor erase all of her pain and damage, it is something. "

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How You Can Help

Heather Grossman's ex-husband hired a man to kill her in 1997. He was not successful in his attempt to take her life, but the gunshot wound left Heather paralyzed from the neck down. Heather was just 31 years old with three young children. During the years since the incident, Heather's family has been doing everything they can to keep her alive and well, but expenses are high, and they need as much help as they can get.

Since Heather's new website launched on September 21 with the Paypal Donation Options, Heather's family has received donations from quite a few generous people. Please take a moment to see who has donated to Heather's family so far.
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My Story

I’m a mother, mentor and a survivor of domestic violence. Ten years ago domestic violence forever changed my life and the lives of my family. As the bullet penetrated my spinal cord, it shattered many hopes, dreams and my ability to function as I once did but it did not destroy me or my will to live. Ten years ago my ex-husband, Ron Samuels, hired men to murder me. I died at the scene of the crime but was brought back to life by a paramedic.

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