A SHARE Survivor Story and Other Updates

March 19, 2005

"We have good news to share!  One of our SHARE survivors has finally received some justice on her case.  This litigation process has taken over a year to gather and complete.  Although the damages her ex has to pay will never replace the life of her mother that he took, nor erase all of her pain and damage, it is something.  It gives her family some closure and makes a statement to her ex who is still imprisoned and other offenders that domestic violence will not be taken lightly.  Please read on for details.  Thank you for all the prayers and good thoughts you have sent her way during this difficult time.  They have helped immensely.  Have a peaceful day!”

Lorel L. Stevens
Accounting & Finance Personnel, Inc.

“The jury has returned its verdict - in favor of the victim, Tracy Stombres.  The total verdict was $200,000, with nearly 50% of that being punitive damages.  The jury found in favor of Tracey on all counts, expect for one - the wrongful death claim of her mother.  the jury as a whole could not agree on who introduced the knife first between the Defendant and Tracy’s mother.

After the verdict, four members of the jury felt so strongly about this case that they stayed to talk to us and the media.  They commented how they wanted the verdict to be much higher, but there were some jurors who felt crime victims should not be compensated at all from the criminal - that the victims should just walk away and forget.  The jurors told us that it was a compromise to award Tracy the verdict, but that they believe the crime was atrocious and wanted to send a stronger message.

After the verdict, Tracy told us how the process has helped her heal and obtain additional justice for her family following the tragedy.  That is exactly what we are all about - hope, justice and healing.”

On April 23rd, Heather & Governor Napolitano (AZ) will have a press conference prior to the Walk to End Domestic Violence.  Heather will be giving a speech about Domestic Violence and then they will start off the walk together.

A producer for a prime time hour-long show spent March 28th with Heather from 11:00 until 7:30.  He flew back to N.Y. early the next morning.  They will be back in AZ with camera crew at least a couple more times to begin working on her story.

You can view the article recently published by the “Palm Beach Post” detailing Heather’s current situation regarding the arrest of Ron Samuels as well as her health.  Click HERE to read the article published on April 18, 2005.

“Palm Beach Post” article published on April 7, 2005 detailing the murder plot of Heather Grossman by her ex-husband Ron Samuels.  Click HERE to read the article.

You can help support efforts against Domestic Violence by joining Governor Janet Napolitano at the Walk to End Domestic Violence being held on Saturday April 23rd, at 7:00 am at the Wesley Bolin Plaza.  Click HERE to read the Governor’s statement on Domestic Violence.  For pledge forms, registration materials and additional information, please visit

On Saturday 04-23-05, The Walk to End Domestic Violence will be held starting at the Capitol downtown Phoenix at 7 a.m.  Please sign up and plan to walk.

The week of 03-21-05, a major network will be interviewing Heather for a prime time program.  They will be coming out from N.Y. to do an hour long interview. 

On 3-19-05, Heather will be competing in the Ms. Wheelchair Arizona Pageant.  Her platform is, of course, domestic violence.

On 3-18-05, Heather will be a guest of honor at the Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation’s “A day at the Races”, sponsored by Phoenix International Raceway, Andretti Green Racing and the Sam Schmidt Paralysis Foundation.  For information contact Michele Davis at 602-741-1915.

On Saturday 3-12-05, Heather was a speaker at Disco Fever, an event Sponsored by CAAFA (Community Alliance Against Family Abuse) for approximately 300 attendees.  There was a live band, silent auction, raffle, costume contest and dinner.  Christy Johnson, MSW, Executive Director did a wonderful job.

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Heather Grossman's ex-husband hired a man to kill her in 1997. He was not successful in his attempt to take her life, but the gunshot wound left Heather paralyzed from the neck down. Heather was just 31 years old with three young children. During the years since the incident, Heather's family has been doing everything they can to keep her alive and well, but expenses are high, and they need as much help as they can get.

Since Heather's new website launched on September 21 with the Paypal Donation Options, Heather's family has received donations from quite a few generous people. Please take a moment to see who has donated to Heather's family so far.
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