Center for Research on Women with Disabilities

April 09, 2005

"A hearty thanks to all of you waiting so patiently for the latest news from our Center for Research on Women with Disabilities.  I’d like to invite you to visit our newly redesigned, updated and expanded web site,  It has been our passionate effort for the past six months to get a good representation of our research, writing and current activities up on the internet.  We’re still working on it, so please check back periodically for new postings.

Our site contains new items, general information about CROWD and content on our main topics of research (heath behaviors, secondary conditions, health care, psychosocial health, sexuality and reproductive health and violence).  We’ve compiled some statistics about demographics and health disparities for women with disabilities that we hope will be useful for advocates, policy makers and grant writers.  You’ll also find materials for students and researchers interested in the health of women with disabilities and a long list of links to information resources.

We have a page listing research studies in progress that are currently recruiting participants, so please send us any information on your studies that you would like us to post.  We’d appreciate your help in spreading the word about our new site, and encourage you to add a link to us on your own web site.

Thank you so much for the emotional support you have so generously given us in these difficult times.  We would like to serve as a clearinghouse for information about women with disabilities and, thereby, strengthen the momentum of our network.  We look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.”

Margaret A. Nosek, PhD
Executive Director
Center for Research on Women with Disabilities
Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Baylor College of Medicine
713-798-5782 office or 713-661-4678
713-798-4688 Fax

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Heather Grossman's ex-husband hired a man to kill her in 1997. He was not successful in his attempt to take her life, but the gunshot wound left Heather paralyzed from the neck down. Heather was just 31 years old with three young children. During the years since the incident, Heather's family has been doing everything they can to keep her alive and well, but expenses are high, and they need as much help as they can get.

Since Heather's new website launched on September 21 with the Paypal Donation Options, Heather's family has received donations from quite a few generous people. Please take a moment to see who has donated to Heather's family so far.
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