Letters from You

From: S

I wish someone like you would have spoken to the Mesa PD. If they had, maybe when I called them for help when I was threatened by my husband that he would kill me, they would have listened and my husband would be alive today. And I wouldn't be dead emotionally and mentally. I am proud of you AND for what you are doing. If just one person is not killed, maimed, hurt, etc., and doesn't have to go through what I have because the police did not listen to me, then it is worth it. And if the police would have listened to you, then you wouldn't have been shot and nearly died. I know that I am not doing a good job conveying what I am trying to say. I am trying to say that those in authority need to be taught what their actions or lack thereof causes in people's lives. I wish I could do a better job of conveying what I am trying to say instead of coming off like I want someone to feel sorry for me; that is not at all what I mean. Keep up the good efforts. I have been a domestic violence victim and have been victimized by the police as well. Thank you for all you do. Sorry I didn't do a better job explaining my thoughts.

From: Debra

Hi Heather-That article was wonderful for you to be an example for abused woman-You are Beautiful and a Survivor. My friend Deanna who was a quadraplegic died 5 months ago-She was too damaged and probably should have never lived but she made it to her daughter's Bat Mitzvah and she was glowing and beautiful. You are so Lucky to enjoy your children and I can relate because I am a mother too! Deanna was 50 years old-although we never hooked up a meeting-I still wanted to let you know that you are blessed and it will be great for you to make a movie about your life and to save other lives! I wish all the best things in life because you deserve it-Deanna lived 15 months-You are a Survivor! 7 Years no way-You are living proof-another great example for quadraplegics-This movie will benefit so many people!Please let me know when the movie will come out-You are such an inspiration for everyone!!!!!! You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Sincerely, Debra

From: Deb

Heather, awesome seeing you and all you do being acknowledged and recognized. I've told you before that working with you and getting to know you and your family was and will remain one of the most memorable times of my life and career. I shared the article with some of my co-workers and thought I would share some of their comments with you. "Wow, what a touching story. She is an inspiration to have overcome so much! Was she amazing to work with??" "What a shame to have to endure that not once but TWICE! One time is too much. Amazing story. . . . amazing woman !!" "Thanks for sharing. Wow!" "Heartbreaking and inspiring!! Thanks for sharing this with me." "Unbeliveable...what an amazingly strong woman." Love You! Tell everyone hello for me, and keep in touch.

- Love, Deb

From: Peter

Hi Heather, Your story is simultaneously tragic and inspirational. I'm amazed at what you have endured. I too have a spinal cord injury, although from a different cause. I help run a charity that supports spinal cord injury research. Although we started our work in Minneapolis, in 2012 we created an event here in the Valley to raise money for research. I also live in the Valley now. I'm wondering if you would like to become involved in our organization and perhaps be part of our event next year. It would be great to chat with you further about it. Please send me an e-mail at your earliest convenience. I look forward to talking with you.

- Take care, Peter

From: Lorna

I read your story and then came to your website and read more. You are one TOUGH lady and your kids are very lucky to still have you. I would say that you are an inspiration to a lot of people. I too dealt with domestic violence, but got out and was very fortunate that I never got shot. I have had guns pointed at me and my sons were all that I thought about. Once things got really bad, I found a way out. It takes a lot of courage for a person to decide that enough is enough and get out. Starting over when I didn't have any help was the hardest part, but also the best thing I could have done for myself and my sons. I was stalked by one guy, even after I moved across state. I guess I was very lucky he wasn't crazy enough to actually pull the trigger. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here today. Keep living life to it's fullest. You deserve that and much more!

From: Robin

Hi Heather, We were roommates in Atlanta as flight attendants. I'm so sorry to hear of your tragedy. My mom saw the 48 Hours Mystery and thought the show was about you, so she called me. I googled your name and found this website and recognized you right away. I'm sorry to hear of the tragic event that changed your life forever. You were alway a positive person, so I'm not surprised to see you take such a terrible tragedy and turn it into something inspiring. I don't know if you remember our other roommate, Anne, but she died in 1991. Her cancer came back and she eventually died from complications of that.....I still miss her. I don't really keep in touch with any of our former flight attendant friends. I got a call from the Atlanta police deparment about a month ago. Apparently, my old boyfriend, Jay Dunn (remember him - boy, what was I thinking with that one?) was wanted by the police for some reason and is on the run! LOL.....I told them I hadn't spoken to him since 1988! Eastern folded in 1991 and I never went to another airline. I'm now a stay at home mom of 3 girls (5, 7, 9). I married in 1995. I wish you all the best and will pray for you and your continued recovery. Congratulation on Miss AZ Wheelchair! You still look fabulous. Much love to you and your family.

- Love, Robin

From: Elizabeth

Dearest Heather, I don't have words to say how I feel. You are such a beautiful lady. I was going through a divorce in 1997, I had my ex arrested from our house after he was bashing in a six panel door to get to me in the other room. It was such a great sight to see them take him out in handcuffs. And I never took him back. Since then it has been a struggle financially to put it mildly. I want to donate to you as soon as I can. I started a business called Oh You Beautiful Doll in July of 1997 because I knew I had a mission. I want to sell my art to start a shelter for abused women and the other section is for stray cats and dogs. All they have to do to stay there with their children and their pets is help take care of the animals in the no kill shelter. I submit my work and have got lots of rejections but I will never stop until I reach this goal. My ex was more verbally abusive and drunk than physical but I knew it was going to get to that point. Once he held his fist up to my face and I said you hit me and you're dead. The good thing is I knew I wanted out but God worked it so he was the one that had to leave. I would never throw my life away on killing an abusive creep, no way. I just can't believe how your ex denies what he has done. It's so obvious he is guilty. He must be possessed by the devil. How could he or anyone do such a thing to anyone. I saw your story before but I didn't have a way of contacting you and I just watched your story again and it made me cry. My story is a long one so I won't go into details. Besides, you know it all anyway, the usual Domestic Violence. I believe that here in Columbus, Ohio there is not enough help for women. I know because I tried to find it. I had nightmares for the longest time about him where I woke up screaming, then I realized it was just that. Even to this day I still dream that I'm with him and I'm always trying to get away. Thank God I didn't have children with him(I did get the cats and the dog)!!! No way was he getting them. I feel like I did get some good out of this horrible experience. First, I discovered that I have artistic talent, I got wisdom and I got my pets. Those are the good things and the best thing I got was OUT!!! I never let guns in the house and that is the one thing he did for me. He had a rifle but got rid of it before I made that horrible decision to marry him. I'm glad you have your children, family and friends to be by your side. My ex ruined my credit, I lost my house in 2002 and my Mother on November 8, 2001(Mom lived with me & I caught her in my arms as she died), since then I have moved 5 different times. I wanted to find something that I could feel like it was home and I had to always find a place where I could have my cats and I did this with never knowing how I would get enough money. My Church has helped me so much, I wouldn't have been able to make it without their help. So I want to eventually give back to them. So I am so sorry that I cannot give money to help you right now but know that my thoughts are with you always. You are a brave woman - we women must stick together!!!! Love, Liz

From: Norman

Just saw your story on CBS. Hard to fathom that your ex-husband still denies his involvement -- not that an apology would have been sincere. I was trying to think of a way I can raise money for your expenses. I do own a business, First Coast Promotions www.promonorm.com Perhaps we can donate 15% of profits from companies that you send our way. Just a thought. I'll be married 28 years this July and have a 19 year old daughter who just completed her freshman year at Princeton and 13 year-old son headed to high school. Can't understand how any person (man or woman) can raise a hand to their spouse or children.

From: Stacy

I just saw your story on Dateline ID. You are truly an amazing and inspiring person. I haven't always been the most spiritual person, but I have close friends in my life that share your philosophy who help me see the light at the end of the tunnel. They have also taught me the importance of forgiviness. I have a tendency to hold grudges. I hope it is okay with you, but I am going to add you to the list of people I think of in times when I need to be reminded of hope. I love your quote and am going to carry it with me in life. Thank you Heather!

From: Lauri

Hello Heather, I live in Minnesota and just saw a re-broadcast of 48 Hours on TV last night (The Puppetmaster) while I was making dinner. What caught my ear was hearing John Grossman's name and when I looked up, sure enough, it was him. I worked for John for a couple of years in the late '80's when he did his stint as a commercial real estate developer. He had significantly less hair when I worked for him, however. My late father-in-law worked for Bud many decades ago when he ran Gelco, so I had direct experience with John as well as knowing of him through my husband's family. Well, today I had some time and was so touched by your incredible courage, resolve and beauty as a person that I Googled you and found your website. I read most of the information including Paralyzed in Paradise and was horrified. BUT, I believe every word of it. John treated everyone in his wake the way he treated you, and the fact that he treated you that way while you had absolutely no ability to defend yourself or simply walk away makes me hate him even more. John met the end he deserved - everything does come full circle. I haven't seen any subsequent information on whether or not the County Attorney's office did decide to prosecute, but please know that there are actually people out here that you don't know that believe every word, because they have seen the behavior of the spoiled trust-fund bully. I wish all the best, for you, your children and parents. I think you are an incredible woman!

With fond admiration,
Lauri Pierce-Greenberg

From: Sandra

I just saw your story on ID ..its a true crime station here ..and you are an amazing person. most would just crawl up in a ball and give up. you didnt ..you fought back. you have such a generous heart. i would wish to be half as forgiving as you. i dont know how you dont hold complete contempt for your x husband! i guess he lies so much he begins to believe his own lies..i would guess his able body ..with limits to a cell actually make his condition more painful for him daily, and rightly so. i always wonder why they just wont find his assets and seize them..if it were back taxes the goverment would not give up so easily. you live life fuller than many able bodied persons i know..you inspire me. Thank you and God Bless.

From: Carl

Hello Heather, I have just come across your website. I am in fact over in the England and I am involved in supporting some disability charities over here. When I read your story it again confirmed to me the strength of the human spirit, you are a truly remarkable woman. I have always been amazed at the achievements of people such as your self which is why I try to do my bit to help when I can. I have always found that a small amount of help will lead onto much bigger things and you certainly prove that. I wish you every success with your cause. You may well be in touch with people over here in the UK but if you want to drop me a line anytime I will be delighted. I have been so moved by your achievements I have sent a small donation through on paypal to at least do my little bit to help if I can.

With very best wishes,

From: Ivan

Since the day we met, about 6-7 years ago, your story has touched my heart. I just wanted to say that I think of you often, and hope you and your family the very best. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. I work in the video conferencing field now and thhought you could benifit from this technology. If you ever have a need for video conferencing, please let me know.

From: Will

Hello, Heather. I'm not sure if you remember me or not, but I was close friends with your son Ron before the incident. How are you? I was shocked and saddened when I heard the news, and hoped dearly that they would catch the guy responsible; imagine my surprise when years later, while in high school, I flip through that day's newspaper and spot an article saying that he had finally been found guilty. I'm happy to see that you're making the most of things.

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Heather Grossman's ex-husband hired a man to kill her in 1997. He was not successful in his attempt to take her life, but the gunshot wound left Heather paralyzed from the neck down. Heather was just 31 years old with three young children. During the years since the incident, Heather's family has been doing everything they can to keep her alive and well, but expenses are high, and they need as much help as they can get.

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I’m a mother, mentor and a survivor of domestic violence. Ten years ago domestic violence forever changed my life and the lives of my family. As the bullet penetrated my spinal cord, it shattered many hopes, dreams and my ability to function as I once did but it did not destroy me or my will to live. Ten years ago my ex-husband, Ron Samuels, hired men to murder me. I died at the scene of the crime but was brought back to life by a paramedic.

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